Pioneer CDJ-3000


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The Pioneer CDJ-3000 has finally arrived, offering DJ's a new dimension in the booth. 

Powered by a multi-core CPU, the most powerful of any media player on the market, the CDJ-3000 delivers unmatched performance with super fast loading and reaction times.

Play from USB, SD or even from an iOS device connected directly to the player through the latest Rekordbox app.*

Re-engineered play and cue buttons can now withstand over 1 million presses to offer improved reliability and durability. 

The CDJ3000 now has 8 hot cue points easily identifiable from their colours and lettering. 

The 9 inch touch screen displays more information than ever, including stacked waveforms, in high resolution.

The jog wheel has also been updated with a smoother mechanism and in-jog displays showing information like artwork, mode indicator and track position. Tension of the jog wheel is adjustable to make it looser or tighter.

Up to 6 CDJ3000's can be linked together to play from a single source.

When connected to the DJM-900NXS2 or the DJM-V10, the new Play Cue feature can be used to listen to other parts of the currently playing track. You can also preview a track from another connected player before loading it.

The CDJ-3000 now has auto looping for 4 or 8 beats at the touch of a button as well as manual loop in and out buttons. 

Key Sync will match the key of the track to the current one playing as well as the ability to match BPM.

Connection to other units and local network is now upgraded to gigabit ethernet. Direct connection to a computer is faster with the USB 3  socket.

Improved audio components make for even better sound quality than ever. 

Pioneer CDJ-3000 Key Features:

  • 9 inch touch screen
  • Multi Core processor
  • Improved transport controls
  • In-Jog Display
  • 8 hot cue buttons
  • Key sync and key shift
  • Gigabit ethernet
  • USB 3 computer connection
  • Upgraded audio 
  • Hardware unlock for Rekordbox DJ

* appropriate cable or camera adapter required.