Shure 55SH-2 Dynamic Vocal Microphone Vintage Style


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The Model 55SH provides the Shure classic UNlDYNE II design with modern acoustic components that are inline with today's current performance standards. This microphone offers excellent vocal pickup with its characteristic Shure presence peak. The 55SH has a cardioid (unidirectional) polar pickup pattern that minimises sound pickup from the rear of the microphone. This allows the Model 55SH to be used in close proximity to loudspeakers without creating feedback problems, and it can perform under adverse acoustic conditions where omnidirectional microphones cannot.

Classic appearance, modern performance
Frequency response tailored for speech, vocals and instrumental music
Cardioid directional pattern for optimum performance in adverse acoustic environments
Shock-mounted cartridge minimises stand-
Rugged die cast case and mechanical design for reliability under rigorous conditions
Self-tensioning swivel mount, permits tilting through 45 degrees forward and 80 degrees backward