About Us

Atrylogy, was established in 1985 as a consumer electronics distributor.
After initially supplying white goods, Atrylogy has catered to the music industry for the last 20 years or so. Dealing with installation companies, production companies, event organisers and planners nightclubs and bars, studios, theatre, live music and festival venues and more.
We aim to supply whatever brand you need to match your solution. If you can't find the products you need, can't get the price you need or stock is low locally, we aim to source for your project.
In our warehouse in Edgware, North London, we hold stock of several common industry standard pieces, CDJs, microphones, carts and stylus ready to go. We are rarely unable to source most brands in day or two, so please ask if you are looking for anything.
We also supply the Atrylogy brand of accessories aimed at the DJ market. Cases, replacement stylus and record cleaning products.
We are always looking for new trade suppliers, if you have a product or product lines that you would like to sell us from anywhere in the world, please get in touch.
Our number one aim is to support brands and make sure products don't find their way onto the 'grey market' and are sold cheap online.
All conversations with potential suppliers are confidential and we will not speak of any contact with any other business or organisation.
We are always more than happy to supply shop with lines that we are allowed to these include many of our DJ accessories and a few other brands. Rules are quite strict, so there will be items we are unable to. Please speak to us though and we can advise what is possible.
We are happy to work with any brand that you need or supply. We are open to discussions, please get in touch.
Brands we deal with for clients currently include:

Allen Heath
Audio Technica
Martin Audio
Pioneer DJ