Pioneer DJM-250Mk2


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Building on the success of the original DJM-250 Mixer, The new DJM-250Mk2 packs a huge punch with features never seen on a dj mixer at this price point before.
The 250 Mk2 includes features from some of the bigger mixers in the Pioneer DJ range including a Magvel crossfader and Sound Color FX filter from the DJM-900NXS2. The layout of the controls fit into most DJing styles and with a USB soundcard which supports DVS control for Rekordbox DVS vinyl it allows full control over Rekordox software.
The new DJM-250Mk2 partners up with the XDJ-700 Rekordbox Media Player or the PLX-500 Turntables to create a perfect DJ Equipment package for the most demanding DJ.

Key features of the DJM-250Mk2 Mixer:

    Magvel crossfader, smooth channel faders and 3-band isolators
    Flagship filter with nuanced control
    Built-in sound card and easy recording
    Bundled licences for rekordbox dj and rekordbox dvs
    High-quality sound