Pioneer DJM-V10 DJ Mixer


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Pioneer DJM-V10 DJ Mixer

High-end DJ mixing experience. The Pioneer DJM-V10. A 6-channel club mixer with elite sound quality that gives you the ability to truly craft your sound. Choose your ideal setup and plug everything from CDJs, turnables, samplers, synths, and drum machines. With 6 channels available at your fingertips, you'll be able to get even more creative with your DJ performance.

Other new features include a 4-band EQ for precise EQ mixing letting you mould tracks into each other. A newly developed filter with resonance control lets you switch on high or low pass with a press of a button. There's also a compressor knob for each channel which beef up's the audio in real time. This is great for playing old or unmastered tracks when you're worried they'll be overwhelmed by the loudness of music made with modern production techniques.